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A special issue of Building Research and Information, entitled 'Energy Performance Gaps: Promises, People, Practices' was published as part of the UserTEC project.

Published peer-reviewed articles


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PhD afhandlinger:

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Research reports

Gram-Hanssen, Kirsten; Hansen, Anders R. (2016) Forskellen mellem målt og beregnet energiforbrug til opvarmning af parcelhuse. 21 sider. Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut, SBI. UserTEC=100% (OA)


Contributions to book/anthology/report

Gram-Hanssen, K. (2018) Automation, Smart Homes and Symmetrical Anthropology: Non-humans as Performers of Practices? In Social Practices and Dynamic Non-Humans. Nature, Materials and Technologies. Maller, Cecily, Strengers, Yolande (Eds.). Springer Nature. Palgrave Macmillan. UserTEC 100%

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Conference paper, peer-reviewed

Hansen, A.R. 2018, 'High income parents and ’technical’ fathers: The impact of family background on energy consumption practices' Paper presented at Third International Conference of the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative (SCORAI), Copenhagen, Danmark, 27/06/2018 - 30/06/2018. Second runner up for Outstanding Paper by Early Career Scholar Prize. UserTEC 100%

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Conference papers, not peer-reviewed

Pihl, D. (2017) Exploring User Representations and Energy Concerns during Design of Energy Renovation of an Existing Building. Paper presented at the Department of Design Research Seminar, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. 12 April 2017. UserTEC 100%

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Other publications (books, features etc.)

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Gram-Hanssen, Kirsten (2015) Hverdag i det topisolerede hus. I: Råstof. PlanEnergi. Side 11-13. UserTEC=100% (OA).


Publications in preparation

Andersen, Pernille V. K. & Said, Mosleh. W. (under udarbejdelse) Tangible Dialogic Tools in Multi-stakeholder collaborations, subittes til Design Studies, The Interdisciplinary Journal of Design Research, Elsevir  (Sider 1-15), UserTEC =50%